New and improved food storage

So my favorite foods are fresh fruits and veggies, but you only get those during the summer, right?


I have a giant south facing window that I plan to take full advantage of by container gardening inside my house. Here's what I know will grow well: herbs, tomatoes, beans, peppers, eggplant, lettuces, radishes, and carrots (mini ones). I'm not quite so sure about: spinach and fruit. Most fruits wont do well.  However, a citrus tree is $50 so I wont get to know for awhile. I did, however buy a dwarf banana plant. I'm not holding my breath for bananas, or the plant for that matter.  I've heard some good things about fig, but I've only had them inside a Newton.

So I'm getting my seeds going and my peas have already sprouted.  The only plant going outside is the one that sprouts.


In other food storage news, I build a shelf out of particle board and #10 cans.  Cheap, but effective.   I'll post pictures one day.  Really I will.  We're just having "issues" with the computer.