Saturday, February 3, 2007

New and improved food storage

So my favorite foods are fresh fruits and veggies, but you only get those during the summer, right?


I have a giant south facing window that I plan to take full advantage of by container gardening inside my house. Here's what I know will grow well: herbs, tomatoes, beans, peppers, eggplant, lettuces, radishes, and carrots (mini ones). I'm not quite so sure about: spinach and fruit. Most fruits wont do well.  However, a citrus tree is $50 so I wont get to know for awhile. I did, however buy a dwarf banana plant. I'm not holding my breath for bananas, or the plant for that matter.  I've heard some good things about fig, but I've only had them inside a Newton.

So I'm getting my seeds going and my peas have already sprouted.  The only plant going outside is the one that sprouts.


In other food storage news, I build a shelf out of particle board and #10 cans.  Cheap, but effective.   I'll post pictures one day.  Really I will.  We're just having "issues" with the computer.


  1. Crap. That last one didn't work so well and I'm not allowed to edit my comment. this is the cool strawberry thing we ordered.

  2. I'm going to check out that place. I usually prefer the local nursery (never buy plants at home depot-i used to work there, I know) but that looks note worthy. Any idea how big it is when it arrives? And most herbs don't like direct sun all day so you'll be fine. Except basil. It's a sun whore.
    We'll have to compare notes.

  3. Particle board... particle board...

    Storin' the food that you're wantin' to hoard...

  4. ok, so I checked out that site. I really want a blueberry bush. I wonder how it'd fare on my patio. :-P I can't wait till the weather warms up a bit and I can start a little garden out there.

  5. Bobbie, blueberries do awesomely in containers because you can maintain the soil they like (keep it acidic). As long as the birds don't get to it before you, you could totally go for it! I have too many birds :(

  6. I'm gonna guess the lemon tree is small when you get it since it can only get 4 feet high and spread up to 4 feet.

    Both the lemons and strawberries are going to be our pilot project for doing some heavy-duty gardening. We'll see how it all goes.

  7. I am already feeling like gardening. Today was so nice! But, it's probably just mocking me.

  8. Do dwarf fruit trees bring forth dwarf fruit? Dwarf bananas would be so cute, not to mention less calories!