Thursday, February 8, 2007

Just life stuff

I woke up this morning and it finally *hit* me that my son really does sleep through the night. For like 10 hours. I mean, he's been doing that for a while, but it hasn't sunk in. My love for him has increased ten-fold today.

My efforts to rid myself of endometriosis pain haven't completely worked yet. But thank goodness I'm not in pain every day anymore. I had to take a Loritab the other night, but so far it looks like I only need it 2-3x per month. And THAT my friends is huge. In addition to the NCD Zeolite, I'm trying to do visualizations at night, that my immune system is clearing all the endometriosis out. Who knows if that helps or not, but it works for sports people! 90% mental, or something. I've had some tired days as well, but like the pain it has been reduced to a few days/month. At least life feels more livable again.

My indoor garden is going awesome! The banana plant died :(. So no mini bananas. But my lettuce is taking off, the green onions have sprouted and the tomatos are getting leaves. One bean plant has surpassed the others and the peas are in another league of their own. Those suckers grow fast! Really easy to grow! Still no carrots and the cayenne pepper seems to be struggling, but I see a sprout at least. It helps me to not be sad about no grad school when I have fun projects to do at home.


  1. Love this post! I'm happy to see you're feeling better. And LUCKY you, Larsen sleeping through the night! I dread the 6 am wake up time my baby insists upon each morning!!

    I seriously want to come over and look at your garden. It sounds SO cool!

  2. Totally, but right now it's still pretty small. Once I get my outdoor stuff going it's going to look awesome this summer. Well...awesome for me :)