Monday, February 26, 2007

I bought new pants

Well, not brand new since most of my pants come from thrift stores (I refuse to pay more than $12 for a pair of jeans), but the point is that I bought new pants because my old ones don't fit anymore.

"Why don't they fit?" you ask? Why, I'll tell you. They don't fit anymore because I lost weight and I had to buy a smaller size. *grin*

Hubby also found these for me at the thrift store:


He bought volume 2 from a used book store in town. These are some of my favorite books to check out from the library so I was thrilled when he told me he found them (and especially fitting that we got them used). I've been a fan of thrift and anti-consumerism since I took a course in consumer health 4 years ago. I liked the message, but nearly everything I found was written by childless people who keep their high stress high paying job an extra year or two and save everything then retire into a 200 sqft cabin. Fun as that sounds, I'd like to stay near friends and family and be able to have a family. The author of these books is a stay-at-home mom of 6 with an average annual income of around $30,000. In seven years at that income, they managed to save $49,000. Now THAT is someone whose book I'll read. We've set some fun financial goals and we're trying to come up with ways to achieve them without selling out. So in addition to my year round garden, we're baking bread and eating more potatoes and rice. Frugality is pretty enjoyable when you do it as choice with a goal in mind.

On another note, we have caught what appears to be the flu. Well, the boys have. Mom can't get sick, I'm invincible (until they're done). Suckage.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One of those days...

BAH! I must get off the internet! I have been so productive lately (our cable tv got turned off, now all I get is Fox), so my house looks great and my projects are getting done. But today I've spent most of it right here. In front of a screen. In a funk. I did get some work done, so that helps me rationalize a little. But most of my time has been spent looking at native plants for landscaping, land to landscape, trailers, yurts, and how to paint your sofa.

I found 40 acres in New Mexico. I'm ready to buy one of thesehome1.jpg

and just go. I feel restless. I've been looking at land and funky houses and jobs in Alaska. I need shakabuku. Maybe just painting my sofa will help....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cynical Valentine's Day Post

I'm not a fan of this particular holiday.  While I don't go as far as a full on boycott, I also don't do much else then tell my husband "I love you."  Flowers are not allowed in my home today.  I might make him a card, but usually I just make him a favorite food.  Eating out is also not allowed.  He bought me some nitrate free jerky and rented me The Sentinel, since I have the hots for Keifer. But that's nothing unusual, he usually brings me treats every week.

I hate pink.  I walk around the store this time of year and feel like I'm in Pepto Bismol hell.  I really can't blame the marketing companies for cashing in on our romantic inclinations, it's a $13 billion holiday.  I've seen very effective ads that would lead anyone to buy impressive gifts, usually to impress people you aren't even giving it to. "*gasp* he went to Jared!"  And the kids are in on it too.  If it's not enough they're always begging you for action figures of their favorite cartoon, now you have to buy them Valentine cards of Yugi-oh and candy (and be sure to get the good stuff so your kid is popular) so they can learn that brand name is way better than handmade.

Bottom line, I see little merit such an overtly commercial holiday.  People (usually men) aren't judged by who they are, but how much they spend on their sweetie.  It's generally a very one-sided holiday.  Even if you adore the person in your life, you are made to feel inadequate unless you spend obscene amounts of money on flowers, a card, dinner, and jewelry, which the industry will take full advantage of.  It's no longer enough to say "I love you" and mean it.  Romance is now defined by how much monetary value you can place on your relationship.

So Cupid, you can keep your tasteless sugar cookies and cliche roses.  For me it's just another day I tell my husband I love him.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

"I love you"

My son said those words for the first time today.  Actually, he said, "I love you mama".  *blink*.  Until now he'd mutter something akin to "Iiieee you!", which was nice.... but yeah.  Good day to be a parent.

Of course then I went to get my taxes done and the guy told me how much more we'd get if we had another kid.  A lot.  I told him God hasn't given me any more because He knows it's just for tax purposes.  *mutter*  Okay, well just mostly for tax purposes.

Just life stuff

I woke up this morning and it finally *hit* me that my son really does sleep through the night. For like 10 hours. I mean, he's been doing that for a while, but it hasn't sunk in. My love for him has increased ten-fold today.

My efforts to rid myself of endometriosis pain haven't completely worked yet. But thank goodness I'm not in pain every day anymore. I had to take a Loritab the other night, but so far it looks like I only need it 2-3x per month. And THAT my friends is huge. In addition to the NCD Zeolite, I'm trying to do visualizations at night, that my immune system is clearing all the endometriosis out. Who knows if that helps or not, but it works for sports people! 90% mental, or something. I've had some tired days as well, but like the pain it has been reduced to a few days/month. At least life feels more livable again.

My indoor garden is going awesome! The banana plant died :(. So no mini bananas. But my lettuce is taking off, the green onions have sprouted and the tomatos are getting leaves. One bean plant has surpassed the others and the peas are in another league of their own. Those suckers grow fast! Really easy to grow! Still no carrots and the cayenne pepper seems to be struggling, but I see a sprout at least. It helps me to not be sad about no grad school when I have fun projects to do at home.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

New and improved food storage

So my favorite foods are fresh fruits and veggies, but you only get those during the summer, right?


I have a giant south facing window that I plan to take full advantage of by container gardening inside my house. Here's what I know will grow well: herbs, tomatoes, beans, peppers, eggplant, lettuces, radishes, and carrots (mini ones). I'm not quite so sure about: spinach and fruit. Most fruits wont do well.  However, a citrus tree is $50 so I wont get to know for awhile. I did, however buy a dwarf banana plant. I'm not holding my breath for bananas, or the plant for that matter.  I've heard some good things about fig, but I've only had them inside a Newton.

So I'm getting my seeds going and my peas have already sprouted.  The only plant going outside is the one that sprouts.


In other food storage news, I build a shelf out of particle board and #10 cans.  Cheap, but effective.   I'll post pictures one day.  Really I will.  We're just having "issues" with the computer.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

I'm afraid of Splenda

Ever since it emerged on the market I've been skeptical of this substance. I just don't trust artificial foods. Will I go so far as to claim it will cause cancer or is the equivalent of eating Agent Orange (as my most recent email claims)? No. But I know the results of the tests and I have an inherent distrust of the FDA (blaim it on my consumer health class) and their recent "hiccups" like Vioxx.

It's one of those things where if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Splenda isn't made from sugar, it was discovered while making a pesticide. And like pesticides, it's a chlorocarbon. Because of this, the body absorbs as little as possible. THAT is why it's adverstised as "low calorie". You only absorb about 15% of the substance. Lab rats wont even eat it!

I'm only slightly less afraid of margarine.

I think the bottom line is that we ultimately just need to cut back on sweets. That's it. We don't need to invent ways to make cookies "healthier", just maybe eat less cookies. Also use pure cane sugar, honey, or fruit as a sweetener. I know, I'm suggesting the awful, aren't I?