"Like a surgeon, operating for the very first time"

So, the specialist wants to cut me open as well. But he was nice about it and tried to give me other options. But apparently the only way to confirm anything is to take a good look inside. I've never had surgery so don't go telling me how easy a laparoscopy is, because it's still surgery and nothing to take lightly!

But he gave me some other options so I have some things to think over. Without going into too much detail (my uterus, my business) basically I can live on pills (no thank you) or be cut open (also, no thank you), or be in pain. I'm terribly afraid of side effects I may just prefer the pain. So I'm going to keep taking the liquid zeolite that has helped with the pain and fatigue until I decide. This stuff is incredible! It helps with so many different things! My dad has looked a ton better since he's been on it.

But hubby gave me a nice blessing that is helping me to be more accepting of this stuff. God has a method to his madness.

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