Friday, January 5, 2007

Subject: The rain falls in sheets as lightning flashes illuminate my walls.

My bro had to deal with him as I was off at work. A nice suburbanite Jewish boy growing up in a South Florida neighborhood or say in New Jersey or New York is always on the lookout for a nice Jewish girl. For some reason beknownst only to them, our builders have made the balcony slope upwards towards the drainage pipe. And water running down the wall from said socket in the kitchen. Shirly brought up the vast difference in the breakfasts that Israelis eat. Watching it, you can imagine how Noah felt and as the rain starts to flood in through our balcony door, I wonder if I should start to build an ark. Everyone who see me slather PB on pancakes looks at me cross-eyed. The Jewish boy looks at the final figure in his calculator and becomes bewildered.

I love SPAM sometimes. Very poetic.


  1. that one is definitely one of the best I've read. Beautiful.

  2. This one is awesome. I also enjoyed a series of spam that I received at work several months back - I got to reread most of The Hobbit.

  3. I want to know whose job it is to write the weird stuff that just goes in span to be the body when the spam itself is an image. Like is there some way to apply to BE a Spam Poet?