Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well, I decided to quit school. Grad school will have to wait. For a while. I'm still going to do my online psych class and some other fun things that come my way, but I'm not going to worry about prereq's anymore. I'm still supposed to educate myself, but my motives were not in line with God's will for me. And that is something I want to follow.

After much counsel with religious leaders, prayer, and a blessing from hubby I know that I need to be home with my son. And that's really hard. Some women are really happy and content being a stay at home mom, but I've really struggled with it. I've cried. A lot. I've always wanted to get my PhD and teach and do research. I just know that this is more important at this time and I'll regret it if I pursue my professional ambitions right now.

I really thought I was an exception to the rule, some people are. I've had a lot of things happen that have led me to believe that. But I'm not. So there you go. I guess the key is being humble enough to accept whatever God's plan for you is.


  1. The law of sacrifice is difficult, but real and has a good rate of return.

    Think of it like a CD with 10000% interest that takes a steep initial investment. You don't know when the payouts come, but you know they do.


  2. I would have a really really hard time with that too, chica, so I understand, You are brave.

  3. I really admire you for making that choice.

  4. The hardest thing for me to say is "Thy will be done."

    It shows you are a great person to be able to make such a hard choice and ask for so much council.

  5. Though this wasn't intended as a "tell me I'm awesome" post, it's really nice to read that stuff. Thanks guys.
    I mainly wanted to post it because we all really do have these tough decisions and listening to other people's experiences helped me make mine.

  6. I've oftened thought of myself as an exception to certain rules as well. When I think about it long and hard though, I often wonder if anyone is ever an exception or if we just exempt ourselves to justify our actions?
    I think it's so fabulous that you made your decision the way that you did, that way you can feel good about it and it should bring you so much happiness which of course you deserve.

  7. I really like Shannon's comment. (Nice analogy by the hubby, too.) ^ It's true that when you know that what you're doing is what God wants for you, it may (no, will) still be hard, but you can trust your decision and know that eventually you'll see that it was the best thing you could have done. Good job, chica. :)