Saturday, January 13, 2007

My new excuse for being overweight: I'm poor.

My brother posted on his blog about how expensive it is to lose weight. It really is expensive to eat well and to really get a good body. I totally agree with it! There was a point in our marriage we were determined to eat healthier and we broke the bank doing it. When you don't have a lot of money for food you almost instinctively go for quantity just in case you don't have enough $$ for dinner that night. $5 Organic salad or $1 burger? Usually the burger wins out.

So it got me thinking about how I haven't lost any weight? Like everyone else I want to lose weight this year, so I'm going to honestly evaluate why I haven't.

I weigh as much as I did when I was 9 months pregnant! I lost a bunch after my son was born, but I gained it all back when I was too tired to cook and craving enough calories to keep up my milk. Since then I've stayed the same. Regardless of what I do I haven't really gained or lost, I guess it just hasn't been that high of a priority.

My biggest problem right now? It's so freaking cold! Not only can I not afford a gym, I hate them! I live very close to hiking trails. I also got a brand new bike. I really want to take advantage of those. But I can't take the boy out in the cold, and frankly I'm not too excited about it either. At least he's finally to an age where I can start working out!

Also-pizza. It's cheap ($5 hot and ready!) and it's good. I don't have to cook it. Corn dogs too. Even though I'm eating instant cancer I love those things!

I need a scale that works.

I'm scared that I'll only lose fat and not skin. Seriously. I had this little body before I got pregnant and there was nowhere to put the baby so I grew out. Far. Now I have excess skin. I know, you really want to read that huh? It's not too bad right now because I have fat to pad it. But what happens if I lose the fat and not the skin? EWWW!

I actually like healthy food. Salad? Yes! With oil and vinegar! Oatmeal, granola? Bring it on! grilled chicken? Much preferable to beef or pork, but I'd even prefer no meat. But it's still much more expensive than a can of spaghettios. I really could eat brown rice and stirfry all day, but I don't like cooking it. Bottom line. I'm so tired. Always tired. But my thyroid is fine, so riddle me that one batman. Actually it's a symptom of endometriosis (if that really is what I have). But I've never been able to maintain enthusiasim for coming up with what to eat.

Food storage. I want to store a year of food. Not happening in a condo. I do 4 months. But what kind of food do you store? Cheap stuff that you can make using other cheap stuff, because if you're using food storage, money is more precious than usual. So my food storage consists of flour, cream soups, canned veggies, canned fruit, sodium filled junk, powdered fruit drink (sugar). Most of it is casserole makings. Casseroles go a long way. They're cheap and they're full of fat.

So now I know why I haven't lost it yet: convenience, money, fear. But I have a new fear. Watching my dad's fight with cancer has given me a new motivation for health. While I may not be able to shop at Good Earth every day, I'm determined to find cheap, healthier ways to eat. I've already lost 5 lbs the last 2 weeks by drinking more water and cutting out the soda. I'm still not sure what to do about my food storage, since I prefer eating fresh food. But I'll come up with something.

*I wonder if I can build a greehouse on the condo property?*


  1. Why is it that foods that are MORE processed and have MORE artificial junk are LESS expensive than the healthy stuff? I've never been able to figure that one out. But I highly recommend the whole grain bread from Costco. No trans fats, no HFCS (I am a freak about avoiding that stuff), and relatively inexpensive. Good texture too.

  2. Wow, I was just contemplating this myself today! It IS pricey to buy healthy foods! I like Jenni's tip about using Costco. If you've got a relative in the area who could go shopping with you there, that'd be awesome. I seriously think that the only way to go as far as meat. Interestingly enough, Scott's brother is vegan and after eating all vegan for a few days in California with him, we *seriously* considered switching over because of how amazing it tasted. His brother swears eating a vegan diet is cheaper (meat is the most expensive of groceries), but he also has a Trader Joe's nearby. It just seems that Utah is a bit behind the times in that respect, and that sucks.

    I, too, am bummed about the weather because I'm dying to strap Micah on with our Baby Bjorn and go for a daily walk. There's a pretty nice gym at Scott's work in Provo for employees; maybe you could come with us in the early evenings?

    So yes, long story short, so many of us sympathize. Deeply.

  3. HERE HERE! I am so glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. Everytime I start to loose weight we hit an expense road block and that's what I sacrifice. I hate it, but what do you do!

  4. Laurie - did you get any good recipes while you were in CA? If so, I would love to try them. Meat IS expensive! And I've always found vegetarian meals to be tasty too.

  5. I've got that extra skin of which you speak. That's why I'm never naked. I even shower with clothes on.

  6. I am going through this myself. I have had to remind myself MANY times that while eating healthy is more expensive than eating junk, it is STILL cheaper than my increasing doctor bills.

    SO, when it comes to money I either need to 1. Die young (which I am too busy too do at the moment) or 2. get healthy enough that I have my diabetes under control (and therefore buy less supplies), get injured less (thus sparing any accidents and expensive physical therapy like I am in now), and generally build a stronger immune system.

  7. I really liked when I ate vegetarian, but it's a hard lifestyle to maintain (unless everyone else around you does it too) so lean meats: here I am.
    And if I knew I'd look like BestSariah complete with the extra skin-bring it on!

  8. I eat a lot of unprocessed foods, and I eat cheap-and healthy. However, the korean supermarket here is rediculously cheap (produce) and I don't eat a ton of meat. Mostly grains, lentils, beans, rice etc.

  9. It's hard work to plan and cook a decent meal. By the end of the day, both of us are pretty worn out and the idea of spending an hour or more making something good (not to mention all of the shopping and planning time) just doesn't do it.

    Besides, a big bowl of baked potato soup is just SO good.

  10. I also hate the fact that it's so expensive to eat healthier. One thing I noticed, is that here in Mexico it's cheaper to eat healthy foods, but the problem is that they cook everything with oil and salt and whatnot so it loses all that nutritional value.
    Also, maybe it's different in Canada than the US, but I swear that vegetables are more expensive than meat up there. That always drove me nuts. Oh, except for chicken breasts, because those were insanely expensive.

  11. Here's my prefect example. I just went to the store and my favorite bread is $4/loaf. The ingredients are: whole wheat, salt, raisin juice, yeast (and I think something else) but the point is, there's nothing funky in there. I could get the $1 whole wheat bread or even the $2, but the second or third ingredient is sugar or HFCS and I cant pronounce the rest. That's what I'm getting at. The cheap food has all the crap in it.

  12. Your skin will be fine if you don't lose weight too quickly. You're still young, so just keep it hydrated (important) and it will slowly adjust with the size of your body. The stretchy skin thing only happens when you lose a lot of weight super-fast, like dropping a baby or having gastric bypass surgery.

  13. By dropping a baby do you mean giving birth to one, Kristy. If so, we are all in big droopy skin trouble.