Sunday, January 28, 2007

I did it!

(I totally posted this 2 days ago-stupid interweb)

I went through every box, every shelf, every tiny area of my home I stash things and I purged. I pared down. I decluttered my home. I even got really creative and built shelving. It feels so good to not have so much "stuff". I hate stuff. I wish I could back to the days where I could fit all my belongings in my car sometimes. But getting rid of that much stuff feels GREAT! I still have more to build, but one day I'll finish. And then, of course, I'll move :(. I loathe the idea of a bigger mortgage.

It's hard deciding how long to stay here. I LOVE our condo. But sometimes I wish we had a fenced yard with a playground. Those condos are a lot more expensive, however. Don't get me started on houses. It's hard for me to pay twice as much for the same amount of space and all the responsibility, you know. Or even get more space and have to heat and cool it all. It just seems like such a waste to me. I really just need to live in a tipee or something. Now that would be some efficent heating and cooling.


  1. I'm a fan of getting rid of junk. We need to do some major junk getting rid of around here. MAJOR.

    I'm a fan of your house theory. It would be nice to not live in the ghetto however.

  2. I NEED to do this. I am so bad though... pretty much easier for me to chop off a limb than to de-clutter my house. Still trying (the de-clutter thing. Not the limb. I need to keep those)