Thursday, December 7, 2006

Thank you mom.

She sent me this quote and I wanted to share it.

"Equally complete now is each of our lives before the Lord. We explore them sequentially because we are time-blind. But the Lord, perceiving time as space, sees us as we are, not as we are becoming. We are, for Him, beings without time. We are continually before Him – the totality of our psyches, personalities, bodies, choices, and behaviors.

If this is so – knowledge of this fact should change our entire approach to life. For life becomes, then, not a cumulative, additive process, one in which we layer on increments of perfection like successive coats of lacquer. Life is rather a challenge to discover who we are, not to determine who we shall become. Who were we, and what were we when we shouted for joy as the foundations of the earth were laid? What feats did we perform in the great battle in heaven?...... In what way are we created in the image of God? The greater prophecy is not what we shall become, but what we are. The challenge is not to add on perfection, but to strip away blindness and corruption and to discover what (and who) we are. The essence is greater than the promise. We are better subsumed [occupied] in being than we are in becoming."

Lael J. Woodbury


  1. Wow. Just... wow. Very nice timing, love.

  2. Whoa. That's some seriously deep stuff.

  3. That is awesome. It's one of those things that just instantly makes sense.

  4. I love it. And needed it. Thanks.
    T'would go well on Linkup when they debate that whole omniscience/time thing.