Sunday, December 10, 2006

The eco house

I haven't talked about it for a while because it's still not attainable, but I'm still hoping to someday own one. Resale is a bit of a problem so I want to do it when we're more established.

W talked me out of a dome home after sharing an article discussing the down side (upkeep is a pain because of the design).

While I love the look and feel of older homes, and the idea of not contributing to sprawl, I don't think I want the maintenance that comes with owning one. I'll want to update it into a more sustainable home, but I think I'll put more into it then I'll get out.  So I think I can rationalize building a new home if it's a green home.

Now my problem is what kind of home to build: strawbale,  concrete, cob, tire unconventional should I get with this?  I still have zoning to deal with, but I think strawbale will be the easiest to pull off.

Of course, the home itself isn't the only thing that makes it green, it's also about what I put into it.  A good thing to remember in case this doesn't work out.

Let me know if you've come across anything.


  1. Wow...I have no idea what you're talking about. I think that happened before, too. You know a lot of stuff.

  2. in short-unusual homes that are good for the planet (and my wallet). :)

  3. You know that if we do strawbale, that means we can't invite the Wolf family over for dinner anymore. One sneeze and KABOOM! Something tells me you can't insure for that.

  4. actually I like the earthbag home.
    "Cuz I'm just a teen-age Dirt-Bag Baby..."
    sorry -not in the slightest- couldn't resist!