Thursday, December 14, 2006

being a mom sucks...

...when your kid is sick.  And you feel so helpless because they can't tell you what's going on yet.  I take it for granted because he never gets sick.  The only other time he's actually been sick was this random fever that ended in a seizure and then went away.  At first we thought it was his egg allergies getting worse, then the fever hit. And kept going up.  Doctor says it's stomach flu (thank goodness) and it's going around bad.  Poor kid can't eat anything.  At least the tylenol is staying down today so his fever is lower.

I hate that stomach flu mimicks so many crappy diseases like west nile virus, appendicitis, and meningitis.  It makes it next to impossible to not be a paranoid parent.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The eco house

I haven't talked about it for a while because it's still not attainable, but I'm still hoping to someday own one. Resale is a bit of a problem so I want to do it when we're more established.

W talked me out of a dome home after sharing an article discussing the down side (upkeep is a pain because of the design).

While I love the look and feel of older homes, and the idea of not contributing to sprawl, I don't think I want the maintenance that comes with owning one. I'll want to update it into a more sustainable home, but I think I'll put more into it then I'll get out.  So I think I can rationalize building a new home if it's a green home.

Now my problem is what kind of home to build: strawbale,  concrete, cob, tire unconventional should I get with this?  I still have zoning to deal with, but I think strawbale will be the easiest to pull off.

Of course, the home itself isn't the only thing that makes it green, it's also about what I put into it.  A good thing to remember in case this doesn't work out.

Let me know if you've come across anything.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Thank you mom.

She sent me this quote and I wanted to share it.

"Equally complete now is each of our lives before the Lord. We explore them sequentially because we are time-blind. But the Lord, perceiving time as space, sees us as we are, not as we are becoming. We are, for Him, beings without time. We are continually before Him – the totality of our psyches, personalities, bodies, choices, and behaviors.

If this is so – knowledge of this fact should change our entire approach to life. For life becomes, then, not a cumulative, additive process, one in which we layer on increments of perfection like successive coats of lacquer. Life is rather a challenge to discover who we are, not to determine who we shall become. Who were we, and what were we when we shouted for joy as the foundations of the earth were laid? What feats did we perform in the great battle in heaven?...... In what way are we created in the image of God? The greater prophecy is not what we shall become, but what we are. The challenge is not to add on perfection, but to strip away blindness and corruption and to discover what (and who) we are. The essence is greater than the promise. We are better subsumed [occupied] in being than we are in becoming."

Lael J. Woodbury

Monday, December 4, 2006

Holy. Funny.

My son just walked up to me with black hands and face. Kid looked like he just came out a of coal mine. I tried to get a picture, but it didn't really work. And now he's had a bath. Bummer. That's going down as one of my funniest parent moments. I love toddlers!

addendum: hubby came home with a bag of chips and tried to teach it to the kid.  "Say chip"


I love him even more.