I hate them. I got $100 off my new camera and a free pack of DVD+R's, but I think I'd rather pay the money next time. This was my first time shopping on "black Friday". I usually like to participate in Buy Nothing Day, and we're just not big shoppers in my family, but I saw the sales and thought, "why not? That's something I've wanted for months". But then I keep looking at ads and can't pass up all those great deals. Maybe it's just electronic stores (circuit city, best buy) that suck though. I was in and out of Sears in 15 minutes, and Office Max, later that day, even gave me a raincheck for the memory cards they sold out of. The sales at the craft stores weren't even worth going to.

But anyway, it felt like semi-controlled looting. Complete madness I tell you. I got the very last one of the camera hubby and I had been eyeing but they were out of everything else. I grabbed it and got in line and waited for 3 1/3 hours to check out. I felt like a freakin' communist.

Next year I'll leave the shopping to all you shoppers out there. I think I'll stick with my counter-culture anti-consumerism....after I finish buying the rest of the things off my list tomorrow, of course.

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