Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Diagnosis: endometriosis

That awful, awful pain in my abdomen finally has a suspected culprit. Of course, the only way to actually diagnose endometriosis is a laparoscopy, YUCK! Surgery is also one of the few ways to treat it, including a hysterectomy (no thanks). So we'll try hormone therapy and see if it helps (it does in some women) and of course the usual rounds of alternative therapies. Meanwhile, I get all the pain killers I want. So if you know anyone whose had success treating endometriosis without surgery please let me know. I'm open to a lot of things. For now, I'm willing to give some BC a try, as long as it isn't the pill. HA! I guess God really doesn't want me to have another baby yet :)

And yes, I can smile when I say that.

He's also worried I'm pre-diabetic. Which really pisses me off because I've only been "unhealthy" for about 3 years. 3 years! I spend my whole childhood eating brown rice, broccoli and Chex and then 3 years of fast food and sugar (and like, no exercise) mess me up. Lovely. And just in time for Christmas.

No, I'm actually blessed to get a heads up. I'm glad I mentioned my symptoms (and he noticed my insulin levels) so I have time to turn things around. Looks like someone's getting a new bike. Woohoo! :)

New Bike


  1. My mom had endometriosis in her early twenties and had a partial hysterectomy... and yet she STILL had three gorgeous children after!!

    Keep your chin up... it's amazing how quickly our bodies can heal and get back on track. Sometimes it takes a good scare to motivate us to do better, unfortunately.

  2. UGH, chica, being, Uhhh... post? Current? Diabetic? Not fun. And my cousin is Diabetic. My grandma claimed this was because she was because she was a Hooker. (she wasn't. hee hee)

  3. She wasn't diabetic, or she wasn't a hooker? I'm confused. :)

    So. Endometriosis sucks. Sorry about that. :(

  4. My cousin has(d?) endometriosis. She was seeing a specialist for it during the begining of 2005, and then, low and behold she got pregnant. I don't remember what all they did for her, but I can ask. I think this comment was useless without me finding out first, huh?!?

  5. Probably birth control, that's the standard. But that's not an option for me (it makes me psychotic). Warn your cousin because pregnancy and nursing can actually make it worse. Before I had Larsen I just had sucky periods. Once I stopped nursing it seems to have spread to my ovary and colon and now I'm in pain all the time.
    /poor me rant

  6. I still haven't asked her about it, but I know that she didn't use birth control as a fix. She had been on birth control for 8 years or more, and then stopped about six months before she got pregnant. She said she's never going back on the pill again either, it seems most women hate it. I think that's horrible that you are in all that pain though. I hope that they can do something about it. Did you have it before you had Larson? I'm just curious because two girls that I know had it, seemed to not suffer from it so much after they had babies.

  7. My step-mom had to have surgery for it back in the 80's, but it was much better after that. Doctors thought I might have had it when I was a teenager, too, but turned out to be something else.