Have you cleansed your colon lately?

Anyone here ever done an herbal cleanse before? I cannot recommend them enough. If you've been feeling sluggish, sick, or had really weird looking poop (or none at all) you should look into it. It can be so aggravating when you go into the doctor because you've been sick for months and they tell you, "you're the perfect picture of health" or diagnose you with IBS or fibromyalgia, which translated mean "we don't know".

If not properly taken care of, our bodies build up toxins and diseases. A diet low in fiber and water does not allow the body to properly eliminate these. The waste stays in our bodies festering, no wonder we feel like crap (literally!) Solution: an herbal cleanse followed by a high fiber and water diet. I recommend Tisha Mecham's book "Biokinetic Testing for Health" biokinetic.gif

If you're really curious, we should talk.

Maybe later if I get daring enough I'll talk about Brain Gym, Kinergetics, and Touch for Health.

Hippie enough for ya Shauna?