Thursday, September 7, 2006

The babysitter

Tv Kids

Before I had a child, I swore I would never park them in front of the tv. Silly me. I've heard there are parents who have been successful at following the AAP guidlines of no tv before age 2, but I think they're just an urban legend. Like the Bill Gates/AOL giveaway. Oh well. I guess I knew I was doomed the first time he saw Baby Einstein at the neighbors. Now that is one success I had. I never bought any baby Einstein dvds. Come back in 13 years and read about the time I intend have a nice sit down with my kids about sex and instead simply tell them, "don't do it! You'll get herpes!". My road to hell is both paved and driven on with good intentions.


  1. "girls have a button and boys have a pole and sinful touching takes its toll." I think I may actually say that to my kids. But I am kind of wicked like that.

    Hey. I found your blog.

  2. I should maybe announce I have a new blog or something. I'll get around to it :)
    You're delightfully wicked.

  3. I'll be right there with ya, sister. I try to be careful about not telling people how I intend to raise my children. I really don't think I'd like to have all those people laughing at me when I do it completely bass ackwards.

  4. Why announce the new blog when we can just plug it for you? (Psst, check your Incoming Links on your WP Dashboard.)

    I do know that Shauna is very set against video games, and I'm most of the way with her. I think about how much *I* played video games and yeesh, I could have been doing something useful with that time.

  5. Ha! Two years old... I had heard that too, but everytime the tv is on, my baby can't help but stare at those wonderful lights. Either that or it's the music. Hard to tell.

    Anyway, Baby Einstein, eh??